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Spy Earpiece

Security micro earpiece for bodyguards The protection of public figures requires considerable effort and attention at the highest levels. Ear GSM sends anf receives verbal informations wireless and in descreet manner. Ear GSM can be technically defined as a micro wireless inductive receiver which receives audio signals from the bluetooth collar connected with the mobile phone.

The signal quality is excellent and the sound is perfect and noiseless.

The last generation system is the perfect device to receive and transmit information in a secret way using GSM networks with unlimited range. Very sensitive microphone. Discreetly using 3G networks. No limit range, you will be able to listen and watch from everywhere in the world. Micro earpiece wireless and wristwatch with bluetooth microphone to speak and listen without being seen with the normal GSM net.

Compatible with smartphones, tablets and laptops with bluetooth connection. Usefull to receive sggestions during school exam and university test. The bluetooth glasses receive communication from the mobile phone or device with bluetooth and they sends it, through electromagnetic induction, to the invisible micro earpiece placed in the ear.

How the spy earpiece works

Nobody will notice the current communication. The mini wireless earpiece receives audio signals through electromagnetic induction from the bluetooth pen, which receives the sound from the mobile phone. At the same time, the microphone hidden in the pen, sends the information to the cell phone via bluetooth. Communicates with transceivers without external wire.

spy ear - Smallest Bluetooth, Covert and Invisible Earpiece for Student

Suitable to any transceiver model on the market. Easy to fit and use, Vx-Radio Kit for transmitter, can receive voice signal from a standard distance depending on the power of audio radio transmitter. Audio surveillance. Spy phones app - phone tracker Micro digital voice recorders Wireless spy earpieces Wireless covert listening devices GSM mini audio transmitter Analog mini audio transmitter Digital mini audio transmitter Landline bugging devices Spy listening devices set RF transceivers Wall microphones Shotgun microphones Voice changers Mobile phone interception.

GPS tracker - RF tracker. Customer service.

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Anonymous shipping. Installation service. Wireless spy earpiece hidden in ear. What is a spy micro ear piece A spy micro ear piece is a small headset, to be introduced into the ear. How the spy earpiece works Our micro spy earpiece are used to receive and send information without being seen. Depending on their type, the induction loop can be contained: in a bluetooth module-necklac e, which receives and transmits the audio signal from a cellphone connected in bluetooth; in a GSM module-necklace , which does not need a mobile phone or smartphone, as it has a slot for inserting a SIM card directly into the necklace; in a wired module-necklace connectable via wire to a mobile phone, a transceiver or any audio source with headphone output; inside a wristwatch, glasses frames or pens : all these objects must be connected via bluetooth to a smartphone.

Click and discover the main uses of a wireless spy earpiece How and when to use an invisible spy earpieces Thanks to the significant amount of devices offered by Endoacustica you will be able to communicate secretly through sophisticated tools that can be used in several situations: Invisible micro bluetooth earpiece for school and university exams The small bluetooth earbuds for exams are used, both at school and in universities, by all those students who want to receive suggestions during exams, to impress teachers and get high marks.

Invisible earpiece for conversations with no distance limits.

How to Pass Exam with Spy Earpiece?

Compact system for receiving and transmitting voice without mobile phone. The bluetooth wristwatch sends informations from the mobile phone to the micro earpiece. The unit is very small and can be fitted deep enough into the ear canal so that it is not obvious and visible unless somebody looks directly down the wearers ear.

Can several wearers of one of these earpieces be able to listen to the same transmission or recording? No, the device requires the wearer to have a neck loop wire under their clothing that is close enough to the wearers ear to transmit the audio from the device to which the neck loop is connected. This unit does not use Bluetooth as a transmission medium. We do offer a different version that is designed for use with devices that do run bluetooth technology.

Home A great selection of resources available from one of the UKs No. Invisible Wireless Earpiece. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. Description Features Spy Guy FAQ Requirements The invisible earpiece is designed for discreet listening or covert operations where headphones or wired earphones would be inappropriate.

In-ear wireless earpiece with incredibly small dimensions Designed to receive audio transmission from an inductor neck loop located in close proximity Tiny replaceable batteries in earpiece Operation run time with a fresh battery of approximately 5 hours Supplied with one earpiece, neck loop and battery ready to go Ideal for Private Investigators and Intelligence operatives or maybe Lecturers needing an aid for delivering a lengthy lecture.

Does the earpiece stick out of the ear so that someone would see? Is this earpiece compatible with a bluetooth device? You will need to consider the following to use this equipment: This particular earpiece is designed to deliver audio to the wearers ear.

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It is not a two-way communication device. This earpiece differs from the bluetooth version of the device in that the neck loop physically connects to the Radio or MP3 or mobile phone under the clothing. Connectors for these devices differ. This does mean that Spy Equipment UK will need information on the intended paired device so that the correct connector can be affixed to the inductor neck loop connection wire.

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